Tune into our October +Photofocus® Lightroom hangout on October 29th (time is localized…

Tune into our October +Photofocus® Lightroom hangout on October 29th (time is localized to your time zone on the event page). Our topic this month is all about tips and tricks for creating panoramas and HDR images. We'll start in Lightroom, but also use other software to complete the final image. We're super psyched to have +Ron Pepper as our special guest for this episode! Ron is an incredibly talented photographer, and especially gifted when it comes to HDR and panos. Check out his site for some killer examples of his work: http://www.panoramanetwork.com/

We've got some great prizes to give away, but you've got to be watching live to win! ?

Lightroom Hangout: Finishing Big Files Panoramas and HDR's
Our next Lightroom Hangout is next Wednesday, October 29th. RSVP for an hour of Lightroom learning FREE right here. Join Rob Sylvan and Levi Sim and their special guest Ron Pepper, a photographer w...

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