Should be a good show!

Should be a good show!

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The Grid Live: HDR Photo Critiques & The Love/Hate Relationship With HDR

• Submit your HDR photos for critique using this link:

Also, +Brian Matiash is in town and will join me live on The Grid today. Our topic(s)
• First we'll talk about the love/hate relationship with HDR. I know we've talked HDR before but Brian's got some really good thoughts on the whole topic. Plus, I wanted to talk a little about why I don't process photos with HDR software anymore. 
• Next, since we have one of the HDR gurus himself here, we thought we'd so some HDR critiques. So if you've got some HDR photos you can send them in to us to critique. 

You can watch the show live at 4pm EST here:
You can submit your photos for live critique here:

Hope to catch you live online at 4pm today! See you then!?

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