If you wanted to go to the G+ Photographer's Conference, but the registration…

If you wanted to go to the G+ Photographer's Conference, but the registration fee was holding you back, then check out this post from +Scott Bourne

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Want To Go To The Google+ Photo Conference On Me?
(Sort of)

I am a big believer in anything Scott Kelby and his team are involved in. I am also a big believer in the power of networking. I have been lucky in my life and find myself at a point in my career where I don't have to worry any longer about my needs. But I know some of you are not in that situation. It's expensive to buy a ticket to the Google+ Conference - but then again, attending might just change your life. I'd hate to think that someone out there who would really benefit would miss the show just because they can't come up with money for a conference ticket. Who knows what might happen if you show your work to Scott Kelby or Trey Ratcliff, etc.?

So here's the deal. I am offering a scholarship of sorts to the Google+ Photo Conference in San Francisco, May 22-23, 2012. I'll be there along with most of my friends and I'd like to see you there too. If you'd like me to get you a free ticket to the conference, simply send me a one paragraph email with ALL your contact info in it explaining why you think you would benefit from attending the conference. I'll see that your ticket is covered but your transit to and from San Francisco, your lodging and all of your meals but one are your responsibility. (I'll take you to lunch one day during the event.) So you have to not only convince me that you'd benefit from attending, you have to convince me you can get to San Francisco and cover your expenses.

Please don't apply for this scholarship if you are not 100% certain you can attend. Don't deny someone else the chance to go who would actually show up.

Send your ONE PARAGRAPH request to: photofocus@me.com by no later than May 5, 2012 Midnight.

Thanks and I hope to see you at the Google+ Photographer's Conference! http://gpluspc.com/

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Google+ Photographer's Conference. Join us at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco (May 22-23). Scott Kelby is bringing Google+ photographers together for a history making conference...

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