Got any good Photoshop World stories to add?

Got any good Photoshop World stories to add?

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Reflecting on last weeks Photoshop World DC and some of the interesting conversations I had with +Erik Bernskiold, +Shawn Welch and +Kevin Stohlmeyer.
They were all sharing with me their fascinating stories about how attending a past PSW event changed their lives in one way or another. It struck me how PSW is really so much more then just a photoshop / photography confrence.

+RC Concepcion is one of those stories and he just reminded me that +Corey Barker also has a PSW story to share. It made me wonder how many more are out there? +Nancy Masse shared a story from +Monico Havier on G+ yesterday and so I thought I'd start a little "project". I thought I'd start here while the last PSW is still fresh in our minds and collect these stories, your stories! So, if you had a similiar experience at PSW that led to a work, life or career change and want to share, please comment or send me a link to your blog.

Our Team would like to hear them and maybe give them a permenant home on the Photoshop World website! Maybe we can even get some of the Photoshop Guy's to chime in maybe even host a hangout?

What do you think??

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