Awesome news from +onOne Software !

Awesome news from +onOne Software !

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ANNOUNCED - Perfect Photo Suite 6.1, Perfect Layers is FREE for EVERYONE, and Perfect Effects 3 Free Edition!

I try to keep my official +onOne Software to a minimum most of the time here on G+ but I feel that a post on today's announcements is warranted.

And today is quite the day for announcements here at onOne.

First up, we have a MAJOR update to Perfect Photo Suite with Version 6.1. You can expect a TON of improvements in stability, performance, and functionality. This is a free update to all existing Suite 6 customers.

Next up - Layers for Everyone! Starting today, everyone can enjoy the power and benefits of working with layers right from Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture (or as a standalone) because Perfect Layers 2 is now FREE! The potential is endless!

Finally, everyone should have the power of creative stylization. That's why today, we're releasing Perfect Effects 3 Free Edition! With PE3 Free, you'll gain access to over a dozen powerful effects that you can stack and mask for amazing results!

We know you'll love what we've been cooking up here at onOne Software. To learn more about all of our announcements, please visit

Feel free to leave any questions you may have here in the comments section. I'll do my best to get you answers

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