Put this on your calendar for Wednesday.

Put this on your calendar for Wednesday.

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Join Joe and Me Live for the World Premiere of “A Night With Joe McNally” [and it's Absolutely Free!]

You’re invited for this one-time only free broadcast of “A Day with Joe McNally” this Wednesday at 6:00 pm EST. We’ll have Joe McNally himself LIVE with us in the studio, taking your questions, comments, and sharing his stories and instruction in a way only Joe can. After this one-time one free worldwide broadcast, Joe’s class will be only available to Kelby Training Online subscribers, so I hope you can join us for this free live history-making event: Here's the link: http://kelbytraining.com/webcast/

You’ll learn a lot, you’ll laugh a lot, and you’ll be amazing what you can do with just one or two hot-shoe flashes. You’ve just got to see it.

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