Saw these at Photoshop World and they looked awesome!

Saw these at Photoshop World and they looked awesome!

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Backlit Box Giveaway on Google+!

+Faxon Moulder of is kind enough to give away an 8x12 Backlit Box to one lucky person here on G+ ... just cause he's feeling generous. :) You'll get to pick one of your favorite photos and have it printed, just like I did with my image below.

The rules are simple:

1. Follow both me and +Faxon Moulder.

2. Re-share this (original) post.

3. Comment on this post (the ORIGINAL one ... not a re-share!) You can say anything ... like how much you love photography or how awesome your pet hamster is. :)

Here's the link back to the original post to make sure you're in the right spot:

Giveaway drawing will be held randomly on Friday, October 7, 2011 ... that gives you one full week to get your name in!

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