Looks like a great hangout!

Looks like a great hangout!

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Photography G+ Hangout on YouTube LIVE Tonight!
Leave a comment to join in!

Time: 7 PM PT (10 PM ET) Around the World: http://bit.ly/qACEVA
Where: Watch this stream then for the YouTube Live player!

Same crew as last time: +Thomas Hawk +Tom Anderson +Gordon Laing +Jeremy Cowart +Lisa Bettany +Nicole S. Young +Kevin Kelly +Keith Barrett + more wildcards if some of the above can't make it.

These are fun, laid back events. We'll talk about photography, give practical tips, look at some new photos and discuss them, do some critiques, and more! These hangouts are so interesting to me -- I thought they might be interesting to you too. My favorite thing is to sit around with all levels of people and talk about the Art the Science and the Fun of it all. Join us!

This is my first time with a YouTube Live channel... so we will experiment together. If it goes well, and you like it, let me know and we can do many more in the future... and get on all sorts of photographers from all around the world. No interviews... just dudes being dudes... and a few gals if we can scare 'em up!

After the event, the recording will be available on http://YouTube.com/stuckincustoms - Subscribe there for free so you don't miss it.

By the way, I should not say any one participant is any more interesting than the next -- obviously they are all interesting -- but I did want to point out +Kevin Kelly in particular. You will enjoy his TED talks on the future at http://www.ted.com/speakers/kevin_kelly.html

You can watch the stream here at the time, and you'll see an embeddable player that you can watch or share with your friends. The embeddable player will also be available on the streams of all the guests (and your stream!) if the event post is re-shared. I'll post the embeddable YouTube Live player at 7 PM PT.

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