Good way to spend a Thursday afternoon


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Corey and I will be doing a NAPP member exclusive coming up this Thursday... I heard rumors that someone has ordered me a pair of Lederhosen for the occasion. We will be sharing a multitude of tips and tricks... or is it a plethora? Then what is a myriad? Perhaps a cornucopia? Regardless of how you slice it... it should be a good show, so join us!

If you are not a member, you can join now to get all the benefits of membership plus this amazing webinar, which will be permanently archived on the NAPP Members' website so you can view it as often as you like. Go to for more info.

When you join (or renew) now we'll add 2 extra months* to your membership for free! Use promo code: 2EXTRA online or when calling us at 800-738-8513.

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